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2113 - 4.166 x 6= 24.996 kilos of Pure Wild Bee Pollen Powder

25 kg kilos of Pure Wild Harvested Bee Pollen Powder, An ideal product for formulae, encapsulation etc.
100% Pure Bee Pollen, harvested during the beekeeper season (April, May and June), dried with gentle heat (<40C.) by commercial beekeepers and instantly packed in food grade plastic bags (25/kg and 50/kg). The Pollen has not been submitted to any other treatment such irradiation etc. and doesn’t come from cross pollination or genetically modified organism crops. The only process thereafter is milled on demand to a powder which partially breaks the hard outer cell making the pollen more bio available for human and/or animal consumption.

EXPIRY DATE: December, 2016
PRODUCT: Milled natural pollen granules to powder
APPEARANCE/COLOUR: Natural mixed, predominance of yellowish and orange shades.
SMELL & TASTE: Characteristic with agreeable taste
PLANT SOURCE: From different kinds of wild Cistus and other wild plants;  i.e. Heathers, Labiates, Strawberry Trees, Oak and Holms Oaks etc.
GEOGRAPHICAL ORIGIN: A mountainous region west of Spain and one of the wildest and best environmentally conserved places in Europe.
BEE FORAGING: The area, as above,  is very rich in polliniferous plants, with no intense farming, the bees forage mainly on wild flowers.
STORAGE: Pollen is very Hygroscopic, store in a cool dry place well protected from moisture.
ANALYSIS: We sale our Pollen as an apiculture harvested product, from time to time we carry our own nutrition profiles, it is however the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the pollen is suitable for the purpose for which it is intended, if required we will be pleased to supply a free sample. Due allowance must always be made for the smallness and  handling of the sample and time out of bulk. The details below follow a recent profile.
Moisture: Max 8%. Carbohydrates <60%. Protein between 7% to 37%. Fat between 1% and 20%. Mineral salts between 2.5% and 6.5%. Vitamins B,C and A. Amino Acids 20. Energetic Typical Value 337 Kcal/100g.