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2114 - 6 x 500g = 3/kg English Raw Propolis

6 x 500g = 3/kg English Raw Propolis,(HARVESTED RAW PROPOLIS) A quality product for external use only.A resinous substance of botanical  origin collected and modified by bees.

Lot number: JR/990818

Appearance Resinous/waxy substance Conforms
Colour Light/dark brown to black Conforms
Organoleptic Characteristic aromatic odour Confirms
Purity Wax: 50% w/w maximum Confirms
Ash 5% w/w maximum Confirms
Foreign organic matter 15% w/ww maximum Conforms

Flavonoid content:
Chrysin 1% w/w minimum 2.72%
Galangin 1% w/w minimum 1.85%
Pinocembrin 1% w/w minimum 2.34%
Test Method Protocol developed for HFMA Conforms


Harvested Raw Propolis sold direct to the ultimate consumer, must fulfil all the above criteria,  plus:

Lead content 1 mg/kg maximum
Arsenic content 1 mg/kg maximu