Home Products A to Z Products A to Z 2115 -6 x 500g = 3/kg BeeWell 50 Propolis Extract Powder

2115 -6 x 500g = 3/kg BeeWell 50 Propolis Extract Powder

6 x 500g = 3/kg BeeWell 50 Propolis Extract Powder, An ideal product for formulae (tableting & encapsulation) See full specifications.

Lot Number: Lot No. JR - CH 041221

Appearance Dark brown resinous substance Conforms
Flavanoid Content minimum 20% total flavanoids of which:

Pinocembrin Minimum 1%
Galangin Minimum 1%
Chrysin Minimum 1% Conforms
Loss on Drying Maximum 2% 5%
Arsenic content 1mg/kg maximum <1mg/kg
Lead(Pb)content maximum 1ppm <0.1 ppm
Ingredients Cellulose(45%),MagnesiumStearate(vegetable origin 5%) Conforms
Organoleptic Characteristic aromatic odour Conforms
Chloramphenicol <0.3 ppb below limit
Tetracylines <50 ppb below limit
Sulphonamides <50 ppb below limit
Streptomycins <50 ppb below limit
Microbacterial Analysis

Total Viable Count maximum 10,000 cfu/gm
Yeast and Moulds maximum 100 cfu/gm
Enterobacteria maximum 100 cfu/gm
E Coli absent in 10g
Salmonella absent in 10g
Staph Aureus absent in 10g
Shelf Life 3 years stored in a cool dry place

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